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Hillary – South Florida

Posted on January 28, 2014 by webfrootz


Here is the latest example of just how great our artists are! The picture is worth a thousand words, they say, so here you go, check it out and tell us what you think!

Bridal Day Touch Ups

Posted on January 20, 2013 by webfrootz


How much touching up is really necessary for a bride after the ” I do’s are said? Not much is the answer if your makeup and hair are professionally applied and styled by an experienced and talented artist. Yes. there are some makeup “artists’ out there (but none who are represented by us) who have been doing bridal makeup for years….and still doing it wrong. So, talent really goes a long way to the need of how much of a touch up will be required. When MKMAA does your makeup all you will need is a lip gloss and a bit of powder on a puff. That’s it, unless your event will last more than an average length of time: If it is an all day and evening affair, then we will need to come back for reapplication.

Call Me a Surface Girl

Posted on December 20, 2012 by webfrootz


It’s not just brides that want to look fantastic. As women, if we were honest, we all really love to get compliments every day… at work, at a night out, running errands, and yes, even at the gym. But sometimes, as we get a bit older, we just give up, thinking it is simply too hard, and not worth it any more to… take the time we once did to look great every day.


I guess I see it a bit differently. Some may say I work too hard to look pretty good every day……but here’s the thing….I am selfish enough to take the few minutes each morning that I need to look my best. Why? Do I do it for my hsuband, (who somehow I have brainwashed into thinking I look great, no matter what!)? No, it is only for one reason….for me to feel the best I can every day of my life. I mean come on…do you really feel good when you pass a mirror and you have no color on your checks or lips, or that dry patch of skin is showing because you din’t take two seconds to even moisturize.


What I am suggesting is to put yourself first everyday, if just for a few minutes….so you can feel your best every single day. And isn’t that our goal for life…to feel good…to be happy… to have a good life. To some of you that may sound very surface, to suggest that our daily makeup routine will somehow bring us a more joyful life. I think it will and it does.


All you have to do is remember the last time someone gave you a compliment….there is nothing wrong admitting that you felt good to hear someone say something nice about how you look. Looking great is the first step to feeling great. I like enjoying that feeling every day… So call me “Surface”!

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